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Follow These 5 Tips for a Healthier Mouth

A healthy mouth is an important component of a healthy body, so if you want to keep your smile and your body in tip-top shape, follow these five suggestions. Get routine dental exams and professional cleanings every six months. In

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Your Comfort Is A Priority In Our Dental Office

We understand that dental anxiety is a serious issue for many patients and can even present a barrier to their willingness to get routine care like professional cleanings and exams, let alone more involved procedures. If you fall into this

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Dental Health and Tooth Restorations

There are a host of reasons to consider restorative dental care for a damaged tooth that go beyond enhancing your smile’s appearance. Your oral health gets a big boost when you pursue treatments such as fillings, dental bonding or dental

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Are composite fillings durable?

Many patients prefer composite fillings over amalgam ones because the former restorations are tooth-colored and don’t detract from the smile, like noticeably dark metal ones do. Additionally, the composite fillings are mercury-free, which is important to some patients, as mercury

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What can I expect after root canal treatment?

Root canal therapy is a tooth-saving procedure that will increase a person’s oral function on the affected tooth while also relieving significant discomfort caused by an internal tooth infection. After root canal therapy (endodontic treatment), a person will still feel

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