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How to Keep the Treats from Playing Tricks On Your Child’s Teeth

family dentistry DallasHalloween is beloved by children and adults. It gives people a chance to attend parties, visit neighbors, and prepare fun costumes. Instead of fearing ghosts and ghouls, almost every dentist fears candy and its effects on oral health during Halloween. Candy contains massive amounts of sugar, which contribute to tooth decay – especially among children.

Preventing cavities saves children from enduring permanent damage to their teeth and discomfort associated with dental caries. Our family dentistry practice offers tips to help you keep your child’s teeth safe during Halloween.

Disperse Candy in Increments

It’s almost unfair to expect youngsters to exercise restraint with an enormous bag of delectable treats before them. Moreover, sneaking treats at bedtime is dangerous for one’s oral health. Consider keeping your child’s candy out of reach and dispersing it in small increments for after school snacks or dessert.

Observe Brushing Habits Before Bed

It is especially important to monitor your child’s oral hygiene routine during and after Halloween because of the temporary increase in sugar consumption. Your child should brush his or her teeth just before bed. Make sure he or she brushes teeth thoroughly so that all surfaces of teeth, the gums, and the tongue are cleaned.

Encourage Water Consumption

The bacteria in our mouth thrive when we consume sugar. Bacteria release acid as they feed on sugar molecules. The combination of harmful oral bacteria and acid softens teeth. Drinking water can help rinse away leftover food particles and dilute acid. Encourage your child to drink at least 64-ounces of water throughout the day.

Limit Other Sugar and Starches Temporarily

Since sugar intake is temporarily increased during Halloween festivities, it is important to limit the consumption of sugary and starchy foods elsewhere in one’s diet. Bacteria respond to starches the same way they do sugar. Consider swapping sides like potatoes during dinner for a salad or sautéed greens.

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