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3 Cosmetic Solutions to Upgrade Your Smile

Whenever you are out in public, your teeth are on display. Whether conversing with family, friends, or business colleagues; enjoying a meal out; or exchanging smiles with total strangers, your teeth are a prominent feature that get noticed. So you

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Your Dental Crown Procedure: What to Expect

A visit to the dentist has revealed the need for one or more dental crowns. What you will learn is that crowns usually require two office visits and several steps. Reasons A Dental Crown May Be Needed  Your dentist will

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Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Dentures

Dentures are very beneficial for patients who have experienced tooth loss. A conversation with your dentist will outline all the advantages dentures have to offer such as allowing the patient to chew with ease and speak clearly, to smiling with

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Is daily flossing really that important?

Brushing twice daily is considered sufficient to clean the surfaces of your teeth, but brushing alone only reaches about two thirds of the surfaces of your teeth. Your dentist encourages you to floss daily as flossing reaches that other third

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Brush Off These 4 Dental Fads

A fad is described as an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something; especially one that is short lived … there are several of these crazes in the dental world right now. But before trying any of these, it is

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