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Using A Root Canal To Save Your Tooth

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When a tooth develops a cavity, we can offer relief with a composite resin filling. But what if a tooth is infected, or the cavity is so severe a filling isn’t enough? In these situations, we may preserve your tooth with an endodontic treatment. At your Dallas, TX, dental practice, we can save your infected tooth with a root canal procedure.

The Reasons for Endodontic Treatment

When an infection develops, this could be a source of serious discomfort. You could have pain when you bite down or chew, and a persistent toothache too. Aches in the face and jaw could occur as well. Without treatment, the infection could spread to the teeth and into the jaw, and cause the tooth to become lost or require extraction to protract the rest of your smile. An infection typically occurs following an untreated cavity or serious injury to the tooth, which can expose the sensitive inner pulp to bacteria. You need more than a filling, you need treatment for the interior of your tooth.

Ensuring Your Comfort

We want to make sure that your treatment is a comfortable one, and to do so we will administer a local numbing agent to the tooth being treated. If you have anxiety or special needs that make undergoing treatment a difficult process, then we could offer dental sedation to help you remain calm and comfortably, so you have a positive experience in the office. For many people, receiving a root canal is actually comparable to a simple dental filling placement.

The Root Canal Treatment Process

Once your tooth is numbed and you’re comfortable, we will open the tooth so we can reach and remove the infected tissues from within, once we remove the soft tissues, we will thoroughly clean the interior of the tooth and the root canals. We then add a special filling material known as gutta percha. The last step is to place a crown that covers the tooth and protects it from further decay or infection, while also ensuring a more balanced and comfortable bite. The procedure can help protect you from worsening pain and tooth loss.

If you have any questions about our approach to endodontic treatment, or if you have an aching tooth that may need a root canal, then contact our team to obtain relief. We want to help you enjoy your best possible smile!

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Endodontic Procedures

We’re ready to restore your smile to optimal health, beauty, and function. When a tooth becomes infected, we can offer relief with a root canal procedure. If you would like to find out more about treating an infected or severely decayed tooth, then reach out to our Dallas, TX, dental office today at (214) 343-1818.