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Dental Myths That Could Be Damaging Your Teeth

dentist DallasMany people believe in myths that could be damaging to their teeth and their oral health. It’s important to know what is accurate and what is not so that you can do everything possible to protect your smile.

Fact Or Fiction?

It can be hard to sort through the noise to figure out which beliefs are dental myths and which are facts. Here are some of the most common false beliefs about your oral health.

  • White teeth are healthy: The shade of your teeth does not necessarily reflect their health. White teeth can still be besieged with cavities or coated with bacteria-laden plaque.
  • Flossing is not important: Patients who think that they can get by on brushing alone are sorely mistaken. Flossing is essential to your oral hygiene regimen, as it dislodges plaque in the places you can’t reach with your toothbrush, such as between the teeth.
  • You shouldn’t brush bleeding gums: While bleeding gums are cause for concern and warrant a consultation with your dentist, they don’t mean you shouldn’t brush. Check your technique and see if it’s contributing to the problem.

Preventing Or Undoing Damage From Dental Myths

Of course, the best methods of oral disease prevention include proper oral hygiene at home and adequate professional care in the form of routine exams and cleanings. Brush for two minutes, twice daily, using proper technique and floss each day. Schedule your checkups and cleanings for every six months to give your dentist the chance to monitor your smile for concerning symptoms.

If your teeth have already suffered due to your belief in dental myths, it may still be possible to undo the damage through treatments like restorations and gum disease treatment. Schedule an evaluation with your provider to see if any such interventions would benefit you.

Don’t let dental myths harm your smile! Call the office of Dr. Barry Buchan and speak to our staff about any questions you may have so that we can set you straight.