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Healthy Ways to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

family dentistry DallasWhile your family dentist might approve the occasional indulgence, sweet treats should never be considered a daily staple. There are many ways to satisfy your sweet tooth that taste great and won’t negatively impact your dental health.

Examples of Healthy Sweets

Fresh fruit is a choice that is flavorful, sweet, and satisfying. Of course, an apple, peach, or slice of melon will probably never measure up to a big slice of cake (if that is your predilection), but fresh fruit is high in fiber (leave the skin on) and loaded with healthy nutrients.

If fresh fruit doesn’t bring a smile to your face, try dried fruit. Although higher in calories, dried fruit is a sweet alternative. Dried figs (we call them fruit, but they are actually a flower) are very healthy and are loaded with fiber, iron, and vitamins making them a great choice (in moderation).

Sweets lovers need not totally abandon chocolate. Dark chocolate specifically can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It can be eaten on its own; one ounce is actually considered heart healthy. Melted or shaved it can be used as a topping for greek yogurt or melted as a dip for your favorite fruit. A cup of hot chocolate can be very satisfying.

Popcorn can be jazzed up by melting a little chocolate and peanut butter and drizzle on top. Granola will satisfy both your sweet tooth and the need to crunch; add in a few nuts to either of these treats to boost their staying power.

You don’t need a fancy ice cream maker to make your own frozen concoction … take a ripe banana or your favorite fruit; puree with a little lime or apple juice; and freeze. This is a healthy alternative and a great way to use up fruit that may have passed its appeal to consume on its own.

Maintain Your Dental Health

If you must indulge in something more decadent, make sure to follow up with the proper care for your teeth. Brush as soon as practical following your treat. Don’t allow those sugars to linger long enough to become harmful plaque.

Make sure you brush and floss daily; and visit our family dentistry office every six months for a thorough cleaning and dental exam.