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Can A Lifelike Crown Really Protect My Tooth?

woman with nice smile dental crown conceptDental treatments respond to problems with your tooth structure that are permanent. A cavity or physical injury that compromises your enamel will be irreversible, as this substance is not able to heal on its own. While it remains in its vulnerable state, you can experience greater risks from infection as well as further physical damage. Fortunately, the right restorative dental procedure will resolve active problems and provide a long-term defense for your tooth. Our Dallas, TX dental practice can actually provide treatments that preserve your health and the way you look! One way we do so is by restoring vulnerable teeth with dental crowns made with a lifelike porcelain material.

You Can Enjoy Dental Work That Provides Functional And Cosmetic Benefits

If you have trouble with dental decay or a physical injury, you should know that delaying treatment will only make you more vulnerable to complications. By arranging the appropriate restorative dental work, you learn what can be done to both resolve active issues with decay or injury and how your tooth can remain safe after this procedure. We can provide lifelike dental fillings and dental crowns when our patients need work done. By doing so, we offer a lasting solution that lets you remain confident in your smile as well as in your bite function and health.

Placing A Dental Crown To Support Your Tooth

A custom, porcelain-made dental crown is effective at restoring the health and appearance of a tooth that has experienced advanced decay or problems with physical trauma too severe for cosmetic treatment. Before it is placed, your dentist will closely measure the tooth being treated before providing preparatory work that allows for the securing of your restoration. Once that restoration is ready, it will be set on the tooth to keep it safe. Because it is carefully designed, it can match the appearance of your tooth and remain in position without bothering its neighbors. We can also make sure to match the tint of the porcelain to that of your healthy enamel so that your appearance is not changed.

Keeping Up With Smile Care After Restorative Treatment

Regular dental visits after your restorative procedure, smart diet choices, and a consistent daily oral hygiene regimen will help you keep restorations and natural teeth safe from harm. Remember that your appointments should take place every six months—while we evaluate you, we can make sure that your restorations are in good condition, just as we will check on the conditions of your teeth.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Treating Your Smile With A Lifelike Dental Crown!

Because our practice offers dental crowns that match the appearance of your enamel and offer long-term protection, we can take care of your oral health without compromising your smile. Our practice is happy to help you resolve problems with the health of your teeth and gums, and we can provide ongoing support to stop new issues from arising. If you would like to find out more, call our Dallas, TX dental office at (214) 343-1818.