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Benefits of Dental Crowns

dental crowns DallasDental crowns are versatile restorations that can help you prolong the lifespan of your teeth. These restorations make it possible to treat dental injuries like cracks and chips as well as extensive tooth decay. When white materials are used to construct dental crowns, they can also improve the appearance of a person’s smile.

Following are some of the benefits to restoring teeth with dental crowns.

Protect Broken Teeth

Chipped and cracked teeth are particularly vulnerable to developing more damage, tooth decay, and infections. Injured teeth are vulnerable because the softer structure under tooth enamel is exposed to cavity-causing bacteria.

Tooth enamel, while strong, can be damaged. Once enamel is lost, it cannot be restored. This is why professional intervention is necessary to prevent a broken tooth from developing serious decay or infections.

Prevent the Need for Tooth Extraction

Dental crowns cover all sides and the biting surfaces of a tooth. These extensive restorations fit over teeth like a cap. Providing protection for all tooth structure above the gums, a crown makes it possible to keep and use a damaged tooth.

Without professional intervention, a damaged or badly decayed tooth could develop painful infections within its root canal. As these issues progress, a person with an untreated damaged tooth will ultimately need their tooth surgically removed.

Restore the Bite

Over time, the structure of our teeth can degrade – particularly when teeth are neglected. Tooth wear can affect the way our upper and lower sets of teeth line up (the bite). When tooth wear affects our bite, it can cause orofacial discomfort, TMJ dysfunction, and tooth loss.

Teeth that have developed significant wear can be restored to their proper size with dental crowns. Restoring teeth to their original dimensions helps protect a patient’s bite and ensure optimal oral function.

Improve the Aesthetic of a Smile

Dental crowns made from tooth-colored materials can be used to conceal smile imperfections. A porcelain dental crown is an excellent cover for intrinsic and extrinsic tooth stains, unsightly chips and cracks, and wear.

Bonding multiple white crowns throughout a smile could produce a beautiful smile makeover.

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