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Will I be able to feel the difference once a dental crown is placed?

dental crowns DallasDental crowns serve many purposes. Once a crown is cemented in place, it will look like neighboring teeth and allow you to function fully. While it may feel a little different at first, within a few days you should not notice any disparity.

Why Might I Need a Crown?

Repair a broken or cracked tooth: Teeth are very hard, but the constant pressure put on them can result in a break or fracture. If this occurs, it is important to have the tooth treated right away. If bacteria is allowed to permeate to the interior of the tooth, infection can occur. At this point, the only way to save the tooth is with a root canal.

Complete a root canal procedure: During endodontic therapy, an access point is needed to reach the tooth’s roots to remove their contents (blood, pulp, and nerve tissue). Once successfully completed, this access point must be sealed. Very often a dental crown is the best option for this application.

A solution for a deeply decayed tooth: When further repair may do more damage, your dentist may opt to place a crown. There are partial crowns – onlays and inlays – very often used for this purpose. Less of the tooth’s structure is removed when utilizing onlays or inlays.

Anchors for fixed appliances: When applicable, your dentist may suggest placing a fixed partial or bridge to supplant missing teeth. For this procedure, healthy abutment teeth are prepped for dental crowns. The prosthesis is composed of crowns on either end and pontics (the interior teeth). Once crowns are cemented into place, this becomes a fixed (non-removable) dental restoration.

Final step for dental implants: A permanent solution for tooth loss is with dental implants. A crown completes the treatment procedure serving as the covering for a healed implant.

Your Dental Crown Will Look and Feel Natural

No matter why a dental crown is required, your dentist will prepare the tooth as needed; have a crown fabricated that will provide the best solution to serve your needs; and will make sure the crown fits and looks great.

You may need to avoid sticky foods for a day or two for the crown to firmly bond, but after that you should be able to resume life just as you did before you got your crown. 

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