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Will a root canal save my tooth?

Are you suffering with a nagging toothache? Are you worried that your tooth is badly damaged? Sometimes, teeth become deeply infected by decay or a severe fracture. A deep infection often requires a special form of treatment called root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is an endodontic procedure that treats the inside structures of teeth. Endodontic therapy can save a tooth from abscesses (a severe infection) or death. An abscessed or dead tooth often requires surgical removal, which can have profound ramifications on oral health and general well-being.

Why is root canal treatment necessary?

Deep inside the tooth is a hollow chamber that houses dental pulp, which contains vital cellular material along with the nerve endings of a tooth. Since a tooth is a living structure, the nerve and pulp can become infected when the root canal is exposed to debris and bacteria. The root canal of a healthy tooth is protected from bacteria and debris, but not when a tooth is badly damaged. An exposed root canal is very prone to becoming infected, and once infected, the inside of the tooth must be treated to prevent further complications.

What is root canal therapy, exactly?

Root canal therapy involves removing the infected material inside a tooth. Using tiny tools, our dentist will extract the infected nerve and pulp out of the tooth. The root canal will then be irrigated to remove all debris and sealed with gutta-percha, a rubber-like compound that protects the structural integrity of the inside of a tooth. After root canal treatment, patients’ discomfort and toothaches are eliminated.
How do I know if endodontic therapy is necessary?

If you are suffering with toothaches, there is a good chance you may need a root canal; however, the only way to be certain is to have an oral examination. Using diagnostic tools, our team can determine if the cause of discomfort is due to an infected root canal. If endodontic therapy is necessary, our dentist will develop a treatment plan that meets your needs.

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