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Repairing Your Smile With Tooth-Colored Fillings

Portrait of young smiling african american guy with beard over yellow backgroundWhat services are available to help repair your unhealthy tooth? If chemical or physical erosion damages the protective enamel layer, it must be resealed to prevent further injuries. By placing a tooth-colored filling, we can reinforce your tooth’s strength while maintaining its bright white appearance. While metal amalgam fillings of old left quite the imprint on your grin, modern composite resin allows your restoration to blend in simply.

At your Dallas, TX, dental office, we repair teeth that are affected by cracks, fractures, decay, and more. After removing any decaying material from your healthy tooth, we apply a composite filling to restore your tooth’s structure and look. Enjoy a more aesthetically appealing repair with the same functional strength as a silver filling. When you combine your restorative work with a recommitment to preventive care, you can enjoy a robust smile for years to come!

What Effect Do Cavities Leave On Your Teeth?

When bacterial deposits collect on the surface of your teeth, they produce an acidic waste product that eats away at the outer layer of enamel. Without removal, this damage eventually forms permanent holes, or cavities, that continue to grow over time. Unfortunately, this damage is permanent and requires protection to preserve the remaining healthy portions of your tooth. When the wear is contained enough, a filling is more than appropriate to do the job. With a composite resin filling, you can enjoy the original look of your tooth after treatment.

How Composite Resin Returns Your Tooth’s Look

We select composite resin to place dental fillings for multiple reasons. This material bonds instantly to the affected area, allowing you to resume eating and drinking immediately after your dental appointment. On the other hand, a silver filling requires a full 24 hours to completely set. We also select the shade of your resin to match the surrounding tooth, blending it seamlessly with your smile. Because we can complete this treatment in a single visit, your repair can be performed on the same day we discover your cavity.

Protecting Your Smile From Future Tooth Decay

Prevention is the best tool in our arsenal against dental cavities. This means combining your daily brushing and flossing habits with regular checkups to clean and examine your grins. When you attend a cleaning, we have the tools necessary to remove plaque and tartar, that you cannot handle at home. At each appointment, we create a dental record that allows us to easily identify when problems in your smile appear.

Speak With Your Dallas, TX, Dentist About Treatment With A Composite Filling

A tooth-colored filling can help you tackle tooth decay in a single visit! If you would like to learn more about this and other services that we provide, call our Dallas, TX, dental office today at (214) 343-1818.