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What A Composite Filling Does For Your Tooth

man with nice smile composite filling conceptWhat can you expect in terms of treatment for an unhealthy tooth? Unfortunately, while our teeth are protected by their enamel, damage that does occur can lead to permanent vulnerabilities. To protect the tooth structure, your Dallas, TX dentist will provide a restoration that covers the affected area. One way we can do this is by placing a composite resin filling. Fillings made with this resin substance both bond to and visually imitate healthy enamel. As a result, they can provide long-term care while minimizing any changes to how you look. Remember that keeping up with your regular appointments will lower your risk for problems that require restorative services.

Will A Cavity Treatment Result In A Permanent Change To Your Smile?

Cavities are a common cause of permanent harm to tooth structure. The sooner you seek treatment for one, the less likely you are to experience complications. However, even a small cavity will do irreversible harm. To protect your enamel and the underlying tooth structure, you need a restoration. Dental fillings are the first treatment option recommended, as they cover an affected area but leave the surrounding structure unchanged. Our composite resin fillings are able to protect the tooth and imitate how it looks, which means your treatment will not alter your appearance!

Using Composite Resin Material To Address Damage To Your Enamel

The composite resin substance we use for our fillings can both imitate enamel and bond to it. By matching the color and texture of the surrounding area, your restoration blends in and remains unnoticed. Because the material is biocompatible, it also adheres directly to your enamel to create a remarkably strong hold. We can complete the process of protecting your tooth in this way in just one appointment, making this a convenient as well as a conservative procedure.

The Role Dental Checkups Play In Preventing Dental Problems From Occurring

Even with a discreet and dependable solution for a cavity available to you, your goal should remain the prevention of trouble with your oral health. You can maintain your healthy smile with a smart and consistent hygiene routine that includes both brushing and flossing. To further protect yourself, make sure that you also keep up with your regular dental exams and cleanings. Doing this ensures that your teeth remain protected. Because your hygienist can remove tartar buildup, these visits will actually provide a degree of preventive care that you cannot match with your home hygiene efforts.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Treatment With A Composite Filling

Our practice relies on composite resin dental fillings to discreetly address troubles with cavities. If you would like to learn more about this and other services that we provide, call our Dallas, TX dental office today at (214) 343-1818.