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Considering Dentures: What are the first steps?

dentures DallasWhen an individual is dealing with tooth loss and considering their options for restoring dentition, many factors require careful consideration. Very often, dentures are the best choice to restore tooth loss.

A consultation with your dentist to get answers to address your questions and concerns is needed before making your decision. Don’t rely on helpful friends or family or what you can read on the internet to play a role in your decision.

Some of the things your dentist will likely address include:

Type of denture needed: How many teeth are missing? A partial denture replaces one or a couple of missing teeth. If all teeth in an arch are gone, a complete denture is required.

Your age: Younger patients that are dealing with tooth loss may be better served with a more permanent option.

Time: If you are looking for a solution that can be completed in a couple of dental visits over a few weeks, dentures may work best for you.

Cost: While dentures are not inexpensive, they are more economical than other options available.

Missing teeth: If teeth will be extracted, and you are not receiving an immediate denture you may be facing a period of time without teeth. Will this fit into your daily needs?

Finally, your dentist will address what you ultimately will be facing if dentures are selected. How they work, daily care, potential problems, how long they will last … an honest, open discussion with your dentist will help you determine if dentures are right for you.

During your dental exam your dentist will examine the teeth on either side of missing dentition. This will help determine what type of denture you may qualify for. If abutment teeth are decayed or impacted by gum disease, a fixed denture may not be suitable for you. If those abutment teeth are not healthy, placing crowns on them as a means to attach your denture will mean an alternative way to attach your denture will be needed … metal clasps are an option.

Patients that select dentures will likely undergo an adjustment period. Things such as saliva production, food choices, and speaking adjustments are to be anticipated. These things are usually overcome with time and a little practice; the final result will be worth the time spent.

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