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3 Reasons to Get a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges fill the gaps in your teeth, and they consist of several pieces that work together to close open space and replace a missing tooth. Consider three reasons it makes sense to see your dentist and get a dental

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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Dental Cavities

Teeth – unlike bone or other tissues, cannot heal on their own. If cavities are not treated early on by a dentist, they will worsen, which could lead to painful infections and tooth loss. Our family dentistry practice offers preventive

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Brush Off These 4 Dental Fads

A fad is described as an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something; especially one that is short lived … there are several of these crazes in the dental world right now. But before trying any of these, it is

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4 Important Steps to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Maintaining great dental health is as important as keeping overall physical fitness strong and robust. After all, the two are closely intertwined. There are many steps you can take to ensure well-being; and you can be assured you are in

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Can gum disease be prevented?

While genetics may play a small role in your oral condition, problems associated with gum disease are often preventable. There are many things that can contribute to gingivitis or the more serious form of gum disease, periodontitis. But with the

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Do I really need to pay attention to my tongue?

The short answer to this question is yes. You absolutely should pay attention to your tongue during oral hygiene and when performing self-examinations for oral cancer. Our family dentistry practice provides oral cancer screenings, professional dental cleanings, and general care

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