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3 Reasons to Get a Dental Bridge

Hands holding a model of a top row of teeth, using a dental instrument to show a metal device being inserted in the gap of a missing tooth.

Dental bridges fill the gaps in your teeth, and they consist of several pieces that work together to close open space and replace a missing tooth. Consider three reasons it makes sense to see your dentist and get a dental bridge today.

1. Missing Teeth Make It Hard to Do Important Things

Missing teeth create a gap that will be a problem at some point. Not only does a dental bridge restore your brilliant smile, but it also helps you chew food, speak clearly, and retain the proper form for your teeth. These are all things that become difficult when you have one or two missing teeth. 

2. A Dental Bridge Prevents Shifting

A space will interfere with the dental structure of your mouth. Teeth are part of the architecture of the mouth. When something is missing, the whole thing starts to collapse.

When this happens, the surrounding teeth will move towards that empty area. It’s a cascading effect. As the neighboring teeth start to move inward, so will the ones next to them. That shift can change the way you eat, speak, or even rest your jaw. 

3. Dental Bridges Can Provide a Permanent Fix

You have a couple of options when you are missing one or more teeth. One of them is the partial denture. A partial denture is a removable bridge. The plate hooks around neighboring teeth, and you remove it at night and clean the appliance. 

Part of the problem with partial dentures is that the remaining teeth may not work well as a foundation to ensure it. As a result, the denture may slip or be loose in the mouth. It may dig into the gum and cause other problems.

Fixing a dental bridge in place instead of a partial denture means you may have a permanent solution for your missing teeth. The appliance connects to two crowns that go over anchoring teeth. Since the anchors are crowns, the bridge becomes fixed in place. You clean it when you brush your teeth. 

There are many types of dental bridges available. Porcelain fixed bridges are the traditional approach. It takes just a couple of visits to the office to get the work done for the bridge. 

If you are considering your options to replace a missing tooth and you live in the Dallas area, call our office to find out more about the benefits of dental bridges. 


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