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A Sturdy Solution With A New Dental Implant

Train Man Dallas TXHave you recently lost a tooth, or were you given a diagnosis requiring an extraction? When you are in need of a prosthodontic replacement, talk to your dentist about the possibility of a beautiful new dental implant. With this form of solution, your provider will place a sturdy titanium post within the bone tissue of your jaw, giving you a strong connection between your body and your new prosthetic tooth. After a short period of recovery, your dentist will be able to attach a gorgeous new replacement to your post, giving you a replacement that you can trust!

At our dental office in Dallas, TX, we can help you to understand the advantages of a dental implant placement process. When you need a replacement prosthetic tooth, learn about how osseointegration gives you a replacement capable a stronger bite than with other appliance-based methods of repair. In addition to its functional benefits, talk to your dentist about how your new dental implant will give you a beautiful prosthodontic replacement that matches your natural teeth!

Dental Implants Gain Their Strength From A Strong Connection To Your Jaw

When you lose a tooth, you can experience a condition known as resorption. This is when your body loses bone mass in your jaw in order to use those resources to continue protecting the healthy areas of your body. You may start to notice a change in your appearance after losing a tooth.

Your new dental implant seeks to halt this process with the use of a sturdy titanium post. This metal rod has threads for your bone to grow around, providing a secure foundation for your prosthodontic solution. Through an amazing biochemical mechanism called osseointegration, your immune system recognizes the titanium as if it were your own natural tissue. Your body will even start to protect the post!

You Can Have A Durable And Elegant Smile Renewal With Dental Implants

Your new tooth replacement will not only be strong enough to handle daily use of chewing and speaking, it will also be beautiful! We can match your existing enamel so that your dental implant will blend in with your natural smile. This way, only you have to know that one of your teeth has been replaced with a prosthetic. Talk to your dentist about your options, and explore the versatility of a dental implant. This process can also be helpful for those missing multiple teeth!

Talk To Your Dentist About Dental Implants In Dallas, TX

When you need the replacement of one or more of your natural teeth, talk to a member of our team about your prosthodontic options! For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our Dallas, TX, dental office at (214)343-1818 today.