You No Longer Have to Suffer From Dental Anxiety

Have you put off seeking routine dental care out of fear and had your oral health and your smile’s appearance suffer as a result? A sedation dentist can help you get the care and treatments that you need to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

A sedation dentist administers medication to patients that helps them achieve a deep state of relaxation during their dental appointments. Some dentists refer to this practice as “sleep dentistry,” but that’s somewhat of a misnomer, as patients remain conscious throughout the appointment.

Patients may have different options for medication delivery that are offered by the sedation dentist. Intravenous sedatives take effect rapidly, which is advantageous in some ways, but they may not be the best option for patients who are skittish about needles in addition to the dentist. Oral sedatives are a good alternative for patients who want nothing to do with needles, but they do require some preparation. You must take the pill far enough in advance of your appointment for it to achieve the desired effects.

If you do choose sedation to make your experience at the dentist a little more comfortable, you may need to plan for some aspects of your care in advance, such as taking oral sedatives prior to arriving at our office. Additionally, the effects of many sedatives will not be fully reversed by the end of the appointment, so you will need to make arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you home from the appointment.

Don’t think that anxious patients are the only ones who might benefit from sedation. This technique also helps patients comply with longer treatment sessions. Therefore, someone who needs multiple, time-consuming interventions can take advantage of sedation to streamline their treatment timeline and have treatments consolidated into a smaller number of appointments.

Sedation can help patients tolerate treatments as routine as dental exams and cleanings or as complex as smile makeovers or dental implant placement. If dental fear has kept you away from the dentist for too long, talk to one of our knowledgeable professionals to learn more about how sedation may help you access the care that you and your smile need.

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