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Why Removing Your Wisdom Teeth Is a Good Idea

Your wisdom teeth are essentially your third molars, and they do serve a purpose. However, there are several benefits to having them removed. Not everyone will have to remove these molars, but when they are causing pain or potentially damaging your jaw and other teeth, it’s a good idea to get them out altogether. 

Let’s consider why removing your wisdom teeth is the smart move. 

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Sometimes when your wisdom teeth are erupting, they can cause overcrowding of your other teeth. If there isn’t adequate room in your mouth for them to come in properly, they can also damage the teeth next to them. 

By removing wisdom teeth, your dentist can help to prevent alignment problems that might result in the need for braces or other orthodontics down the road. If you’ve already had braces or other orthodontic procedures to correct misalignment issues, then removing your wisdom teeth can prevent them from undoing those corrective measures. 

Removal Can Decrease the Risk of Oral Disease

It’s not uncommon for wisdom teeth to break through at an odd angle. Your dentist may refer to this as impaction or impacted wisdom teeth. It’s difficult to clean impacted wisdom teeth which makes it easier for decay to get started. 

A consequence of impacted wisdom teeth is inflammation of the gum tissue. This can be extremely difficult to treat, and it can increase the likelihood of gum disease. In addition, if bacteria get into the gums and start an infection, that infection could travel to affect other systems of the body, as well. 

Removing your wisdom teeth can help prevent effects of impaction from happening, including gum inflammation, more commonly known as gingivitis. 

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Sinus Pain and Congestion

Another problem that removing your wisdom teeth can solve is sinus pain and congestion. The roots of your wisdom teeth are very close to your sinus cavities. Any issues or infection in those roots will cause sinus troubles.

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, that increases the likelihood of developing a sinus infection. 

That infection can spread to the roots of the wisdom and enter your sinuses. Sinus infections are extremely painful. By being proactive about removing your wisdom teeth, you can prevent them from causing problems with your sinuses. 

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