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What habits should I avoid or stop with veneers?

veneers DallasIf you’re considering receiving veneers from our cosmetic dentist, you are probably yearning for a flaw-free smile. Taking good care of your new smile can help ensure that your porcelain veneers last as long as possible. Although veneers are quite durable, some seemingly innocuous habits could affect the longevity of your improved smile.

Eating Fibrous, Chewy, and Sticky Foods

A chewy granola bar, delectable candy, and well-cooked steak might sound appetizing, but these items should be consumed with caution. If you have veneers and decide to visit a steakhouse, be sure to cut your food into small bite-size pieces.

As far as chewy and sticky foods, it’s best to avoid consuming them. Sticky and chewy foods can put too much pressure on veneers – specifically the twisting motions involved with eating them. Sticky items are especially dangerous as they will contain high amounts of sugar. While veneers are resistant to cavities, your natural tooth structure is not.

Consuming Too Much Alcohol and Acidic Beverages

Alcoholic drinks and acidic beverages can wear down your tooth enamel, leaving your natural teeth vulnerable to developing decay. Consume these drinks in moderation to extend the lifespan of your veneers and your teeth.

Drinking Without a Straw

Drinking with a straw helps push cavity- and stain-causing molecules to the back of your throat. While veneers do not stain, the dental structures under them can. When your natural tooth structure stains, it can make your veneers appear darker.

The backsides of your teeth could also develop damage which may lead to caries and chips or cracks. Using a straw when you drink beverages can reduce your risks for stains and dental issues.

Chewing on Inedible Objects and Ice Cubes

Millions of people chew on non-food items like pen caps and ice cubes to assuage nervousness or tension. These habits are destructive to biological tooth structure and cosmetic enhancements like veneers. If you chew on inedible objects, it’s important to try to break this habit before you receive veneers.

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