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What can I expect after root canal treatment?

root canal therapy DallasRoot canal therapy is a tooth-saving procedure that will increase a person’s oral function on the affected tooth while also relieving significant discomfort caused by an internal tooth infection. After root canal therapy (endodontic treatment), a person will still feel the effects of local anesthetics for a few hours. Local anesthetic will likely produce a numbing sensation inside the mouth and on the face. Since the effects of local anesthetic are still felt, those who have received treatment for a root canal should avoid eating food for a few hours. In the hours following treatment, as the anesthetic wears off, sensation will eventually return to normal. Since the infected nerve endings and dental pulp have been removed from a tooth, a patient will no longer feel the intense discomfort associated with an infected tooth.

Why is endodontic therapy necessary?

Professional dental treatment is necessary because teeth cannot heal on their own after developing significant damage or disease. Root canal therapy, for example, prevents a tooth from becoming so badly diseased that it cannot be saved. When the inside of a tooth is infected, it can abscess. An abscess is a chronic infection that can spread to tissue adjacent to the infected tooth. Untreated abscesses will not only lead to a tooth being so diseased that it must be extracted, it can also lead to the infection of adjacent teeth, gums, and bone. With root canal therapy, painful dental abscesses can be avoided and a biological tooth can be retained.

Will I need a dental crown?

Many people require a dental restoration after having root canal therapy but it is not always necessary. A restoration commonly follows endodontic care because there is significant damage to external tooth structure such as a deep cavity or chip. If a restoration is recommended after treatment, it is to protect a tooth from developing further damage so that a patient can enjoy optimal oral function.

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