Tooth Replacement Options: Complete or Partial Dentures

Tooth loss is a serious problem for many people. Your dentist is your best advocate when it comes to deciding which tooth replacement option is best for you. The choices vary with several things to take into consideration, but dentures are very popular providing a great result.

The Importance of Tooth Replacement

A denture is a removable prosthetic appliance that is designed to manage tooth loss due to injury, decay, or disease. How many teeth are lost or are to be extracted will dictate the need for a complete or partial denture.

When tooth loss occurs, facial changes can occur due to bone loss. While dentures cannot prevent bone loss, they can provide support for oral structures helping the patient to maintain a more natural appearance.

The loss of even one tooth can have a serious impact on your ability to chew properly; and can result in other problems like teeth shifting, food debris collecting around the open spot, and aesthetic concerns.

Complete or Partial Dentures 

A complete denture is required when all teeth in the upper or lower arch require replacement. A partial denture is employed when some natural teeth remain that are healthy enough to support the appliance. A partial is designed to be fastened to neighboring teeth using some type of clasp.

Both complete and partial dentures are made from lifelike materials designed to resemble the teeth they are replacing. Since they cannot compete with the strength of natural teeth, care must be taken to maximize their longevity.

You will need to remove dentures at bedtime. This gives gum tissue some time to rest and rejuvenate. While you sleep, dentures need to be stored correctly. Follow directions provided carefully.

Clean your dentures daily. Even though the teeth in dentures cannot get cavities, if not cleaned daily they can still develop plaque that can impact gum tissue. A denture cleaner and brush are best. Never use toothpaste or scrub with a hard bristle brush as this abrasive action can damage the denture.

While dentures are out, carefully clean gum tissue. Clean dentures and healthy gum tissue will prevent odor and provide long life for your oral appliance.

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