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The Unique Dental Needs of Children

family dentistry DallasEstablishing good oral health begins in childhood. Our family dentistry practice understands the unique health needs of children—especially the importance of detecting potential developmental problems early on and preventing common conditions like tooth decay. Our family-friendly practice takes an inviting and welcoming approach to treating children so that they can establish a positive relationship with our dentist and our staff.

Detecting Congenital or Developmental Abnormalities

Congenital and developmental abnormalities that affect the oral cavity and facial bones can have a lifelong impact if not addressed early on. Many conditions, with timely intervention, can be treated to maintain a beautiful aesthetic and comfortable oral function. Detecting issues such as improper tooth eruption, occlusal problems, and cleft palates is best done at an early age. This is because a child or adolescent’s facial bones and teeth are still developing. Manipulating the growth of bones and teeth is easier during development.

To detect potential problems, we recommend that parents bring their children to our family dentistry practice for the first time around the age of one. This initial appointment involves a physical examination and questions about your family’s medical and oral health history. A child’s first visit is a great time for you to become acquainted with our team, too. By the age of four or five, your child should receive his or her first dental cleaning. With yearly appointments and cleanings, we can closely monitor your child’s oral health and development. If necessary, we can provide referrals to specialists for complex treatment.

Preventing Tooth Decay

One of the most common threats to your child’s oral health is tooth decay. In fact, tooth decay is so common that about 99% of the population will develop a cavity at one point in their lifetimes. Teeth cannot self-heal and therefore when damaged, a cavity will only deepen until it infects a tooth. Untreated tooth decay is very painful. We treat decay with restorations but we try to focus on preventing cavities all together. Prevention involves providing oral health education that teaches proper oral hygiene, thorough dental cleanings, and treatments such as fluoride varnishes and dental sealants.

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