Teeth Cleaning Tips for a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Many patients take their teeth for granted and expect them to function properly. However, those who have experienced tooth loss understand just how precious natural teeth are, which should make teeth cleaning a high priority as part of a daily regimen of care.

Basic Teeth Cleaning Tips 

Brushing: For many, little thought is given to the brushing technique required to maintain a beautiful smile. But there are proper tools to use as well as a correct way to brush your teeth.

A soft bristle toothbrush is strongly recommended by your dentist … coupled with a fluoridated toothpaste or gel. These are the basic tools you need to use daily. Employ a circular motion and even hand; excessive pressure is not required. Brushing too hard can actually damage the outer surface of your teeth as well as contribute to premature gum erosion.

Brush twice a day for two minutes each time. A timer can be used or brush to your favorite song. Or use an electric toothbrush. This can accomplish a couple things. Most come with a timer signaling when you’ve brushed for two minutes; and their rapid action does most of the work for you – you just provide the guidance.

Flossing: This is very important. Your toothbrush only reaches about two thirds of the surfaces of your teeth. We rely on floss to remove food debris your toothbrush could not reach. Done properly, flossing helps keep gum tissue healthy and aids in preventing tartar from building on teeth.

Daily Diet, Hydration, and Lifestyle 

What we eat and drink can contribute to oral health. Foods loaded with sugar and carbohydrates should be closely monitored. Drink water and water-based beverages like unsweetened coffee and tea (fruit infused water is a refreshing beverage). Soda consumption is very hard on your oral health; it should be considered a special occasion beverage, if consumed at all.

Tobacco use stains dentition and is damaging to both overall and oral health.

Finally, make sure you visit the office of Dr. Barry Buchanan every six months for teeth cleaning and a dental exam. We rely on our teeth for so much; their proper care and daily attention will contribute to a beautiful and healthy smile.

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