Sedation Dentistry: What are the benefits?

Sedation dentistry is available in different applications for a variety of reasons. Whether nitrous oxide is used that places the patient in a euphoric state or oral sedation is prescribed, your sedation dentist will discuss the benefits available with sedation dentistry.

Nitrous Oxide

This type of sedation is considered safe for patients of all ages. It is a gas that is mixed with oxygen. As you arrive for your dental appointment, nitrous oxide will be initiated through a nose cone with time provided that allows the patient to become relaxed before dental treatment is rendered.

There are no special requirements needed for this type of sedation. As treatment is nearing completion, the nitrous is terminated allowing oxygen only to be administered. The patient is quickly restored to their normal state. Using this type of sedation allows the patient to drive to and from their appointment, and return to work or school as there are no lingering effects.

Oral Sedation

Candidates for oral sedation include patients suffering from extreme anxiety; or for patients dealing with physical or mental limitations that make undergoing dental treatment difficult.

Believe it or not, there are individuals who are so fearful of the dentist that they may go years, even decades, without even having their teeth cleaned. These patients can now overcome their fears utilizing this sedation option.

Oral sedation involves the patient taking a sedative at home about an hour before their dental appointment. Because of this, and additional sedatives that will be given, transportation both to and from the dental visit is required.

Upon arrival, the patient will be administered additional sedatives. Your sedation dentist and accompanying staff are trained to monitor and provide all the services needed for your safety and comfort.

Your dentist is now free to provide the dental treatment required. Many patients indicated that they felt as if they slept with little or no memory of their dental visit. Total relaxation allows both the dentist and patient to get through needed procedures providing an opportunity for great oral health previously unavailable. And very often, your sedation dentist will combine needed procedures so minimal visits are required.

Returning home for the balance of the day is recommended as the patient is likely to feel a little groggy for a few hours. The patient will typically be able to resume normal activities the following day.

To learn more about our sedation dentistry services, contact the office of Dr. Barry Buchanan to schedule a visit.

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