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Restore Your Smile with Custom Dentures

dentures DallasMany patients shy away from dentures due to misconceptions about discomfort associated with the appliance, as well as an unattractive appearance. However, custom dentures designed specifically to fit a patient’s unique mouth structure are less likely to have these drawbacks.

Today’s dentures are not the same appliances that your grandparents wore. Our dentist now has access to modern materials that more closely replicate the appearance of biological tooth enamel. Additionally, because the dentures are tailored to each individual patient, they are much more comfortable and the transition to daily denture wear is a smoother one. As such, many patients are pleasantly surprised by the benefits of their custom dentures.
This treatment process is relatively painless, and it can begin at your first denture consultation. The dentist will collect the information necessary to shape the design of the denture. Your teeth will be visually examined and you are likely to have dental impressions taken, as well.

Patients also have a great amount of input into the denture design process. This presents a great opportunity to improve on the shade of your teeth, for example. Dentures also give you the opportunity to upgrade teeth that were disproportionately small, slightly crooked or otherwise aesthetically flawed.

The required information is all then relayed to dental lab technicians who are responsible for creating the denture itself. When the denture is ready, the patient returns to the office to have it fitted. If necessary, further adjustments can be made as necessary at that time.

Dentures do require a certain adjustment period, so be patient with yourself as you get accustomed to your new appliance. Our dentist will give you instructions on wearing your dentures for the first few days, so follow these closely and don’t hesitate to call the office if you have any problems.

Custom dentures offer a budget-friendly method for restoring a comfortable, lifelike smile following tooth loss. If you need to replace an upper or lower arch of teeth or even your entire smile, schedule an initial appointment with our knowledgeable team to learn more about this treatment option.

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