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Restless or Anxious? Sedation Dentistry Can Help

Does the thought of dental treatment make you feel anxious or restless? If you have an upcoming procedure, our sedation dentist can help. This comfort amenity can quell panic and fear associated with dental phobias while making it easier to remain still during longer procedures.

There are a few types of sedation dentistry. Each type offers unique advantages.

Nitrous Oxide

Used for more than 100 years, nitrous oxide is a gaseous compound that is inhaled through a nasal mask. Also known as “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide is a drug-free form of sedation dentistry that provides uplifting and euphoric feelings while also working as a mild analgesic.

Nitrous oxide only produces these feelings when it’s inhaled, which means that patients can drive themselves home after their procedures.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation, unlike nitrous oxide, involves taking prescription medicine prior to your treatment. These medications are mild sedatives that have anxiety-relieving effects because they work with GABA receptors in the brain and slow down the central nervous system.

Those who suffer with moderate to severe dental phobias can benefit from oral sedation. Oral sedation can also enhance the effects of local anesthetics and pain-relieving medications. The effects of oral sedation can last for a few hours so it’s necessary to have a family member or friend bring you to and from your appointment.

IV Sedation

IV sedation involves receiving anti-anxiety and sedating medication intravenously. This form of sedation is best reserved for severe cases of dental phobia and lengthy or invasive treatments. Since IV sedation can have lingering effects for a few hours, patients will need to arrange for transportation to and from their procedures.

If you have questions about whether sedation dentistry is right for you, we encourage you to discuss this with our team. We strive to provide comfortable, high quality oral care to patients in our community. Call us today to schedule a consultation.