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Protect and Strengthen Teeth with Dental Crowns

dental crowns DallasDental crowns have many useful purposes including saving teeth that otherwise might be lost to excessive decay, breaks, trauma, and infection.

Many cavities are repaired with a tooth colored filling called composite resin. However, teeth that have incurred so much decay that another filling is not sustainable, a dental crown is an option that allows the patient not only to retain their tooth, but the likelihood of salvaging that tooth for life is magnified versus attempting another repair.

A broken or cracked tooth might be reparable with bonding or a filling if the damage is minimal, but for many of these, the best option for ultimately saving the tooth is with a crown.

Trauma or infection can result in the need for endodontic therapy, also known as a root canal. The dental provider will drill an access point into the tooth and remove the damaged contents of the root of the tooth. Upon completion, the access point must be sealed. In a majority of cases, the best choice for this final step is a dental crown.

Once a crown has been made and cemented in place, the tooth it protects is stronger than the natural tooth. That is because the material the crown is made from is strong, stain resistant and offers the same features of size, shape and shade of the tooth beneath it.

There are usually no food restrictions (except for sticky foods like caramel that might be able to pull at the crown during chewing). The crown feels as natural as the tooth it covers and with its lifelike appearance, no one can discern your crown from your biological teeth.

In addition to repairing or protecting your tooth, dental crowns have other uses. They can be used to anchor a dental prosthesis like a bridge or as the final step in acquiring a dental implant.

The process of getting a dental crown occurs by having your tooth prepared by filing down a portion of the tooth, taking a dental impression to send to the lab for crown fabrication, trying in the crown for fit and appearance when it comes back from the lab and making any minor adjustments needed for the best fit at that time.

The final result is a cosmetic restoration that looks beautiful and provides full function for the patient.

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