Implant Supported Dentures Will Have You Smiling Again In No Time

When the smile has been affected by tooth loss, most patients want to restore the smile’s beautiful appearance as quickly as possible. Working with an implant dentist to get implant supported dentures can help you to achieve this goal.

Implant supported dentures can be placed in a single appointment in some cases, and patients gain numerous benefits from this treatment approach. Patients who are exploring their tooth replacement options for an entire upper or lower arch of teeth (or both) should consider dental implants.

Eliminate The Wait With Implant Supported Dentures

Each case is different, but many prospective patients for implant supported dentures can get those appliances in a single appointment lasting just a few hours. As few as four dental implants can be placed in the jaw to secure a denture.

Because relatively few dental implants are needed for some implant supported dentures, those dental implants can be placed all at the same time. The patient often also can be fitted with the appliance after those dental implants are in place.

Your implant dentist can advise you of the most suitable treatment plan for you after evaluating your case. This will help to give you a more concrete idea of what to expect as you prepare to get implant supported dentures.

Implant Dentures Outperform Conventional Dentures

In addition to the concise treatment timeframe, implant supported dentures offer a number of other benefits to patients in comparison to conventional dentures. Because the dental implants function like artificial tooth roots, implant supported dentures have:

  • Longer lifespan of the appliance
  • More effective chewing capacity
  • Less mess and inconvenience to maintain
  • More lifelike fit and appearance

The dental implants allow implant supported dentures to look, feel and function more like your biological teeth and they also preserve the integrity of the underlying jawbone and prevent the atrophy that typically is a consequence of tooth loss.

Are you interested in learning more about implant supported dentures and all that they have to offer? Call our office to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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