I have a hard time sitting still: Can sedation dentistry help?

People who are particularly fidgety may face challenges in getting dental care. When you can’t sit still, it can be difficult for the dentist to be as precise as necessary with the dental instruments. Fortunately, working with a sedation dentist can help you overcome this obstacle.

What A Sedation Dentist Does

A sedation dentist will administer anti-anxiety medications to a patient in order to help the patient relax during the treatment. Even if your fidgeting is not related to anxiety, sedation can help to settle your body to make it easier for the dentist to treat you for issues such as cavities, aesthetic concerns or even routine exams and cleanings.

The sedative drugs can be delivered in a variety of ways, and your dentist may offer different options so it’s important to discuss which method is most appropriate for your case. Additionally, the sedatives have different degrees of effects and require different levels of preparation. For example, patients who receive intravenous sedation must fast for a certain number of hours prior to the appointment. Your sedation dentist will give you detailed information specific to the delivery method being used in your case so that you can prepare adequately for your appointment.

How Sedation Dentistry Enhances Care

The drugs used in sedation help patients to achieve a state of deep relaxation during their appointment, so patients who are fearful or those who can’t sit still can still access treatment. Additionally, the sedation reduces the patient’s sense of the passage of time, so it can be useful in situations involving lengthy, complex interventions. Sedation also has an amnestic effect on patients, so they have no recollection of the procedure after the fact.

If you find that you can’t sit still and it’s interfering with your ability to get dental care, consider sedation as an add-on that can help you access treatment. Call the office of Dr. Barry Buchanan and speak to one of our experienced staff members to learn more about this option.



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