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How Often Should I Have My Teeth Professionally Cleaned?

teeth cleaning DallasSome patients may wonder if it’s really necessary to go to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned every six months, but it truly benefits your oral health to do so. You’ll help to preserve a healthy, aesthetically pleasing smile if you schedule regular teeth cleanings.

Many patients wonder why this step is necessary if they brush and floss every day. While a robust daily oral hygiene regimen is absolutely beneficial, it still may not be enough to protect your oral health.

Having a routine teeth cleaning at least semi-annually helps to remove any oral bacteria-containing plaque and tartar that can still accumulate despite your best efforts to keep them at bay through brushing and flossing.

The dental hygienist has a better angle to remove these substances from your teeth, especially from the lingual, or rear, surfaces and can use specialized instruments for a more in-depth cleaning than your brush can provide.

The hygienist may also be able to remove some surface stains from your teeth during the teeth cleaning, which will leave you with a more attractive smile, as well.

Furthermore, a teeth cleaning is a painless, non-invasive intervention that can prevent the need for more advanced treatments that may be more uncomfortable for the patient.

In fact, teeth cleanings can even help to prevent the progression of early stage gum disease. In most cases, gingivitis—the mildest form of gum disease—can be addressed when you have a professional clean your teeth.

The hygienist or dentist may be able to spot other minor problems, like small cavities, when you have prophylaxis and check-up appointments at regular intervals, as well. Early care can prevent such issues from becoming major problems.

Patients who tend to produce more oral bacteria than average may even want to see their dentists more frequently, possibly every three or four months, for cleanings. Ask for our dentist’s recommendations in your specific case.

If fear or procrastination has kept you out of the dentist’s office for routine preventive care like teeth cleanings, schedule an appointment to get back on the track to maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile.

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