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Help Your Teeth Age Gracefully With You

cosmetic dentist DallasYour senior years may be approaching, and you want to have a great smile. A conversation with your cosmetic dentist will reveal the many options available to help you achieve that coveted smile and teeth that will age gracefully with you.

It’s More Than Just Aesthetics 

Your oral health has a lot to do with your overall health. While a beautiful smile is important, healthy teeth and gums are imperative to support your overall well-being. While broken or missing teeth can betray your age, they can also impact your day to day quality of life. We rely on our teeth to speak clearly, chew properly, and give us the self-confidence to smile and laugh in the presence of others. Growing older does not mean accepting tooth loss or damaged, unsightly teeth as a natural part of the aging process. You deserve better.

Dental Problems and Solutions

Your cosmetic dentist has a solution for just about any cosmetic dental issue you can suggest such as:

Dental stain – This can result from diet, lack of proper hygiene, or medications needed for your health. Teeth whitening may provide an ideal solution. Teeth whitening trays are made specifically for you to work with a take home whitening product that will allow you to whiten your teeth in the privacy of home.

Chipped, uneven, or poorly spaced dentition – Porcelain veneers are like a one stop shop for cosmetic dental problems. Veneers are very thin tooth colored shells that are made to replicate your teeth. Porcelain veneers are fabricated by a dental lab and will be permanently cemented to teeth to correct multiple cosmetic problems.

Old, darkened amalgam fillings – For decades, dentists relied on silver amalgam to correct dental decay. But as you aged, those silver fillings have darkened; thankfully there is a remedy for that. Tooth colored composite resin is available to replace old fillings that make tooth repair virtually impossible to detect.

Fractured teeth – A dental crown provides a solution that allows the tooth to be saved. When the only other option is extraction, a dental crown can be placed that will look just like your own tooth.

Look your best by allowing our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Barry Buchanan, to show you the many ways your teeth can age gracefully with you.