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Enjoy peace of mind with implant-supported dentures

implant dentures DallasPatients who are in need of dentures may have concerns that the appliances will not have a secure fit and will embarrassingly slide out of place. They may also fear that the dentures will shift in the mouth during chewing, making mealtime particularly difficult.

Dental implants can give denture wearers more peace of mind, offering enhanced stability and security in comparison to conventional appliances. Because a strong bond forms between the jaw bone and the dental implants, implant dentures have a physical connection to the patient’s jaw that a standard denture lacks.

Essentially, the dental implants replace the missing roots of the patient’s natural teeth. We typically take the roots of our teeth for granted, but they perform important functions. They anchor the jawbone and prevent it from eroding, which occurs after tooth loss if the roots are not replaced. Your teeth’s roots also absorb the strong forces that help you process crunchy foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Of course, implant dentures also have a comfortable, snug fit, and patients who choose this tooth replacement option don’t have to worry that their dentures will come loose at a most inopportune time. Furthermore, the fit of implant dentures won’t change over time, unlike conventional dentures, which don’t fit as well after the shape of the jaw evolves as it atrophies.

Clearly, implant dentures outperform standard dentures in a variety of ways. In order to benefit from all of these advantages, patients do need to undergo a surgical procedure in order to place the dental implants, but the procedure is completed in a matter of hours. Patients are usually able to resume normal, non-vigorous activity within days of the surgery.

If you worry that conventional dentures won’t measure up to your missing biological teeth, consider an implant-supported prosthetic as an alternative. Call our office to schedule an evaluation to determine whether this treatment option might be the best choice for you.