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Eliminate Tough Dental Stains with Teeth Whitening

If you have tried store-bought white strips or toothpaste, these products probably did very little to lift away tooth discoloration. Many patients have come to our practice skeptical about teeth whitening systems because they have been disappointed by the claims made by popular drug store products.

Fortunately, our cosmetic dentist offers a solution for addressing tough, deep tooth stains. Our practice offers professional teeth whitening systems that can dramatically lighten the color of teeth, safely and conveniently. We know that having permanent stains on your teeth can be a blow to your confidence and self-esteem. Our practice is here to help you look and feel your best. We offer a variety of cosmetic and restorative services that provide beautiful and long-lasting results.

How Professional Teeth Whitening Works

Professional teeth whitening works because prescription ingredients are used to bleach stains. Over the counter products do not contain high concentrations of the active ingredients necessary to effectively lift permanent stains. At best, store bought products can lighten teeth one or two shades by removing surface stains. Unfortunately, to remove surface stains, these products often contain harsh abrasives, which over time can wear down tooth enamel.

Prescription ingredients, however, can penetrate through the enamel surface of teeth without causing damage to lift deep, permanent stains. When used daily, for the predetermined amount of time, patients can enjoy a dramatically brighter smile that is up to ten shades lighter.

Convenient Take-Home Whitening for Our Busy Patients

We understand that our patients live very hectic lives. Finding “me” time can be difficult, so we strive to deliver convenient solutions to oral health and cosmetic issues. Our take-home whitening kits contain the prescription bleaching agents necessary to whiten a smile along with custom fitted trays. For just a few minutes a day, patients can whiten their teeth while they commute to work, clean house, or read a book. Within a few weeks, you will enjoy a beautifully white and vibrant smile.

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