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Do You Want Whiter Teeth in 2023?

Don't Wait for a Whiter SmileIf you have maintained your new year’s self improvement mindset it might be time to consider teeth whitening in Dallas, TX. Having a brighter smile can improve your life in a number of ways, making it a cosmetic dental procedure that can appeal to many people. Teeth-whitening can improve your smile and change your outlook on life.

Why Did My Teeth Change Color?

Most teeth staining is the natural result of life. As we age, our teeth are exposed to colorful foods and drinks that can gradually dull tooth color. Your protective tooth enamel can also suffer aging effects over time, making it more vulnerable to discoloration. In some cases, teeth may change color due to internal damage, so any time you notice sudden discoloration, discoloration in a single tooth, or discoloration accompanied by discomfort or pain, don’t delay in seeing your dentist. There are other restorative dentistry solutions, so don’t despair, when at home teeth whitening is not the answer.

What Can I Expect At My Teeth Whitening Appointment?

Most teeth stains are caused by extrinsic factors, and can be removed by the high quality bleaching agents available through your dental office. At your initial appointment, we will take measurements to prepare custom dental trays for your teeth. These trays will ensure your tooth surface makes good contact with the whitening solution, while protecting your gums. At your second visit, our trusted staff will check the fit of the trays, and send you home with the whitening solution and directions on wearing the trays for a few hours each day, or overnight.

What About Drugstore Options?

There are teeth whitening toothpastes and solutions available over the counter, but they do not have the strength of those we can provide in our dental office. Over-the-counter whitening agents are safe to use, when you follow package instructions, but many patients end up disappointed with the results, even after weeks, or even months of use. 

Tips for Avoiding Future Discoloration

After you successfully whiten your teeth with our bleaching agent and trays, there are some things you can do to help maintain their lighter, brighter condition. Minimize or discontinue smoking or using tobacco products. If you drink coffee or dark colored beverages, try to sip them to the back of your mouth, rather than swish them, or let them linger on your teeth. Visit our office regularly for preventive care visits, and let us know if you have any questions. Whitening treatments do fade over time, but we can advise you touch ups, and check the fit of your trays as needed.

Don’t Wait Any Longer for a Whiter Smile

For more information on achieving a brighter smile with teeth whitening, call our office 214-343-1818 or use our online form and contact the office of Dr. Barry Buchanan to make an appointment today. We are happy to see patients in Dallas and surrounding areas.