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Do dental implants require special care?

dental implants DallasOne of the many appealing qualities of dental implants is their convenience. In many ways, caring for a dental implant differs little, if at all, from caring for a biological tooth.

Dental implants become osseointegrated into the jaw after placement. That is, the surrounding bone forms a bond with the implant, which is made of the biocompatible metal titanium. The implant, which is a small titanium cylinder, functions as an artificial tooth root.

The technology behind dental implants means that these devices can stand alone without support from neighboring teeth. As such, they do not require any structures to connect them to adjacent teeth. Those same structures also block access to the gumline, so it can be difficult to brush and floss around a fixed dental bridge, for example.

Although dental implants are structurally similar to biological teeth, you may need to take some special measures in caring for them, especially as you heal in the initial weeks after they are placed. Your dentist will thoroughly educate you on dental implant maintenance, so be certain that you understand all of the directions you receive.

You should also inform your dentist and dental hygienist of the location of your dental implant, as special instruments or techniques may be needed to clean the teeth in that area.

In addition to being able to care for your dental implants using ordinary techniques, you also should be able to enjoy a normal diet after the osseointegration process is complete. Dental implants are able to mimic the chewing function of natural teeth, but you should keep in mind that anything that can harm your natural teeth (think fingernails, pencils, etc.) can damage a dental implant, as well. So steer clear of bad habits like biting your nails in order to protect both your dental implants and your biological teeth!

Your denitst will give you specific instructions on maintaining your dental implants, but it’s likely that you’ll find your routine will be quite similar, if not identical, to the tasks you do to protect your biological teeth. If you have any questions about any aspect of your dental implants, please don’t hesitate to ask us! Contact our office to schedule an appointment today!