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Dental Phobias: How Your Sedation Dentist Can Make You Comfortable

sedation dentist DallasThe anxiety and fear many people experience about a visit to the dentist is very real. In recent years, more options have been made available to alleviate this apprehension making dental visits a comfortable and minimally stressful encounter. So whether it’s a fear of needles or any other phobia, a consultation with your sedation dentist will reveal how you can eliminate stress and receive needed care to help you maintain great oral health.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

With oral sedation, the patient is prescribed medication to take at home about an hour before their scheduled dental appointment. Upon arrival at the office, additional sedatives are administered to place the patient in a deeper state of relaxation.

The patient is continually monitored for their comfort and safety. While the patient remains conscious during treatment, many people report feeling like they slept remembering very little.

This type of sedation is also appropriate for individuals who suffer from mental or physical disabilities which may make dental treatment difficult. Patients who are unable to recline for extended periods are able to relax. When the patient is comfortable and relaxed, the dentist is able to proceed with needed treatment which can include anything from teeth cleaning to restorative work and periodontal care.

How Do I Know If Sedation Dentistry is Right For Me?

Your sedation dentist has received the training needed to offer this service to you. A review of your concerns and needs will help you and your dentist reach a decision for your best options for treatment.

You will need someone to transport you to and from your dental appointment as you will be unable to drive. Once treatment is completed, you may feel groggy for the remainder of the day so it is best to return home to rest. Do not plan on going back to work or school. If someone is able to stay with you for a few hours, that is advisable. You should be able to resume your normal schedule the following day with no side effects.

Good dental health contributes to maintaining good overall health. If a patient requires assistance to overcome anxiety, mental, or physical limitations, sedation dentistry provides the ideal solution for the patient to receive much needed dental care.

To learn more about your options for sedation dentistry, contact the office of Dr. Barry Buchanan today.