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Dental Implants for Renewed Self-Confidence and Peace of Mind

dental implants DallasHave you been considering making an appointment with an implant dentist? If you have lost teeth, it is important to review your tooth replacement options quickly and carefully. Losing a tooth increases your odds for losing further teeth. Dental implants are the most revolutionary tooth replacements available to the public. These prosthetics, and the restorations attached to them, will look and function like biological teeth. This means that patients can enjoy incredibly durable replacement teeth that allow for optimal oral function and a beautiful aesthetic.

The Effects of Tooth Loss

Losing teeth has lasting effects on your oral health and general wellbeing. Not only are daily activities like eating a balanced meal more difficult, a person’s self-confidence can plummet due to embarrassment over the appearance of his or her smile. Moreover, losing teeth can negatively affect your oral anatomy. Without the roots of teeth to keep the jaw stimulated, patients missing teeth ultimately end up losing bone – to a noticeable extent in many cases, often making a person look much older than he or she should.

Many foods are difficult to eat without teeth. Those with total tooth loss or those with uncomfortable prosthetics can develop malnutrition due to tooth-loss induced food restrictions. Improper diets affect every facet of a person’s wellbeing.

Dental Implants, a Lifelike Alternative to Teeth

With dental implants, a person enjoys replacement teeth that address the loss of the biting surfaces of teeth and their roots. This is accomplished by embedding a dental implant into the jawbone. Over time, bone will stabilize the implant by fusing to it. After the implant is stabilized, a permanent restoration is attached to the dental implant. The restoration will fill in the empty socket of a missing tooth so that the biting surface is restored. Restorations on dental implants won’t budge, either. With implants, a person can eat a full, balanced diet with ease and smile again with confidence.

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