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Custom Dentures That Restore Tooth Loss

Mature woman sitting in restaurantDo you struggle with missing teeth? Gaps in your smile can be a source of personal embarrassment, but selecting the right prosthetic can boost your self-confidence and return needed function to your bite. Enjoy the foods you love and show off your smile with a solution for tooth loss that meets your unique needs.

At your Dallas, TX, dentist’s office, we can provide custom dentures that help restore your smile. Modern designs allow us to construct lifelike prosthetics that upend dated notions of how dentures appear and feel in your mouth. Depending upon the extent of your loss, we can provide a partial or complete set and even secure them in place with dental implants. This means that losing your teeth does not permanently remove your smile!

Taking Charge After Losing A Tooth

Because various conditions that cause the loss of a single tooth can threaten the health of additional teeth, the right approach to prosthetic design can restore multiple teeth at once. With both complete and partial dentures, we can return the appearance of your smile and enhance your bite after experiencing serious loss. This can do wonders for your self-image as dentures can provide important support to your lips and restore volume to your face.

Deciding Between Partial And Complete Dentures

The different types of dentures address differing degrees of dental loss. Partial dentures treat missing teeth on rows that have enough remaining teeth to secure clasps that hold the prosthetic in place. Careful construction allows a partial denture to fit between healthy teeth that are surrounded by loose sockets. A complete set of dentures is appropriate for replacing an entire row of missing teeth. These restorations rest upon your gums and may or may not require adhesive to secure in place.

Maintaining Oral Health After Receiving Your Dentures

It is important to remain diligent about your oral hygiene following the restoration of your missing teeth. We will provide detailed instructions on caring for your new appliance, and even if you wear complete dentures, regularly attending the dentist for general examination will help you keep gum disease at bay. At subsequent visits, we will check your denture to ensure it fits appropriately. It is normal to experience bone loss in your jaw as time goes by, so we will re-line your dentures at the required time.

Speak With Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Restoring Your Smile With Dentures

We can enhance the function of your bite and the look of your smile after losing your teeth. By providing a set of partial or complete dentures, we can help you regain pride in your appearance. If you would like to learn more about this or another service, reach out to our Dallas, TX, dental office today at (214) 343-1818.