Fun Teeth Facts

There is certainly nothing funny about dental decay or gum disease; however, there are some very interesting facts that have evolved over the years that involve your teeth and oral health. Your family dentist can probably regale you with stories about teeth; impress him or her with your own knowledge. Did you know … The… Continue reading Fun Teeth Facts

4 Warning Signs You May Have Gum Disease

Gum disease can be easily treated when it’s caught early, but the condition comes with more severe symptoms and requires more complex interventions if it has the opportunity to progress to a more advanced form. Therefore, patients should monitor their gum tissue for warning signs that periodontal disease may be present. If you notice any… Continue reading 4 Warning Signs You May Have Gum Disease

The Unique Dental Needs of Children

Establishing good oral health begins in childhood. Our family dentistry practice understands the unique health needs of children—especially the importance of detecting potential developmental problems early on and preventing common conditions like tooth decay. Our family-friendly practice takes an inviting and welcoming approach to treating children so that they can establish a positive relationship with… Continue reading The Unique Dental Needs of Children

Do I have to live with tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity can have detrimental effects on your quality of life. You may feel like you need to give up some of your favorite foods that trigger symptoms or spend your days coping with discomfort. Fortunately, tooth sensitivity is not necessarily a permanent condition. Your family dentist can offer effective treatments for the problem. The… Continue reading Do I have to live with tooth sensitivity?

Do genetics play a role in the overall health of teeth?

If grandparents, parents, or siblings all seem to have had dental problems, you may be more likely to identify with their condition. However, for many patients the cycle of dental problems can be broken by following basic guidelines. Brush daily with fluoridated toothpaste. This sounds simple enough, but it is not enough to just give… Continue reading Do genetics play a role in the overall health of teeth?

Our Response To Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Although the Governor has rescinded the mask mandate, as a Dental Office we are subject to protocols of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE). The TSBDE has not lifted its COVID 19 emergency protocols, so masks are still to be worn by patients and staff in the dental practice. We will be continuing all of our COVID safety protocols and respectfully request all patients, staff and vendors wear a mask in our office. Thank you for helping us keep the safest environment possible for our patients and staff.

Please contact our office if you have any concerns.

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