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Benefits of Composite Fillings

composite fillings DallasComposite fillings are one of the most popular ways to address tooth decay. Used to treat small cavities, composite fillings offer patients some unique benefits when compared to dark, metal fillings of the past. Our dentist offers composite resin fillings for a number of reasons. These restorations are natural looking, durable, and don’t require as much tooth reduction as amalgam (metal) restorations. Following are some of the most popular benefits to treating cavities with composite resin.

Composite Resin Produces a Natural Look

Composite resin is a compound derived from a mixture of glass and plastic. The materials used to produce these fillings are tooth-colored and can be tinted to match the exact color of a tooth. Once the filling is placed, a patient’s cavity is treated and his or her tooth is protected without compromising the aesthetics of a person’s smile. In fact, others will not be able to detect dental work when white restorations are used.

Less Tooth Removal is Required

Compared to amalgam fillings, composite resin bonds better to teeth. This means that less tooth preparation is required to place white fillings. Less tooth preparation for restorations allows patients to retain as much tooth structure as possible. Composite allows our team to address tooth decay more conservatively than with popular materials of the past.

White Fillings Do Not Contain Trace Amounts of Mercury

For patients concerned about trace amounts of mercury found in metal fillings, composite resin is an ideal alternative because metal is not used in the materials to make white fillings. Those who have old metal fillings that require replacement can have them replaced with composite resin as well.

Composite resin assuages the concerns of patients who want to maintain a natural appearance despite the need for dental work. This compound also eases the fears of health-conscious patients concerned about potential mercury exposure.

Our team offers a number of restorative dental services that address the need for rebuilding tooth structure after disease or damage without affecting the esthetics of a smile. Call our practice at 214-343-1818 today to reserve a checkup with our dentist.