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Alternatives to Mercury Fillings

composite fillings DallasHave you been told that you need a filling? Do you fear having noticeable dental work? While amalgam fillings were the most common type of restoration in the past, there are alternatives to metal dental work that look incredibly natural. Composite fillings are a popular alternative to amalgam because they are tooth-colored and biocompatible with tooth structure. With these restorations, patients can enjoy the protection of a durable filling without sacrificing the aesthetics of their smiles.

Why Fillings are Necessary

A filling is a small restoration used to fill in the space left by a cavity. When decay forms, it must be treated professionally or the damage will only become more pronounced over time. Untreated cavities can eventually reach the innermost parts of a tooth and infect vital tissue like nerve endings. In severe instances, an untreated cavity can lead to the development of an abscess and the need for extraction.

Unlike other structures in the body, a tooth cannot regenerate new tooth enamel to protect itself from extrinsic damage. For this reason, restorations like composite fillings, amalgam fillings, or dental crowns are necessary.

White Fillings and Their Benefits

Composite fillings are composed of a durable mixture of plastic and glass. They come in variety of white shades so that they can perfectly match the color of biological tooth structure. Like amalgam, white fillings will protect a tooth from further damage by stopping the deepening of a cavity. In addition to a natural appearance, white fillings bond very well with the chemical structure of teeth. This means that in most cases, placing a composite resin filling requires less tooth removal than amalgam fillings. Retaining as much biological tooth structure as possible is ideal when repairing diseased and damaged teeth.

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