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Adjusting to Dentures: What should I expect during the first few weeks?

dentures DallasDentures provide a way for a patient to restore tooth loss that is effective and aesthetically pleasing. But as with anything new and different, adjustments can be anticipated. Your dentist will likely outline what may occur, but everyone is different and your experience may actually be easier than you expected.

Are Dentures My Best Option?

The main variables involve how many teeth are impacted and whether you require a partial or full denture; and if your denture will be fixed or removable.

A partial denture is available when the patient still retains some biological teeth. These teeth must be relatively healthy … if their condition is questionable, your dentist might recommend a different option.

A full denture is required when all teeth from the upper or lower arches are gone. If teeth are being extracted, an immediate denture might be an ideal choice. It is a temporary measure that allows you to have a denture placed at the time teeth are being removed. A permanent denture will be placed once healing has taken place.

A fixed denture usually requires more of a financial investment, but allows for the denture to be permanently affixed. A removable denture is attached using some type of clasp (for a partial).

What About Those Adjustments 

For a brief time the new denture wearer is going to require patience as they get used to their new prosthesis.

Saliva flow – Any time something new is introduced into the mouth, saliva production usually increases.

Speaking – You may feel awkward at first, but practice and perseverance will help you overcome this hurdle.

Eating – Soft foods will be on your menu for a brief period of time. As you adjust, slowly introduce more foods eating slowly and in small bites.

Smiling – This will be the easiest adjustment of all!

Finally, as you get used to your new replacement teeth, additional adjustments may be needed for your denture. Never attempt to fix anything on your own … your dentist will not be surprised that your new dentition requires a little alteration. The key is patience as you adapt to this improvement to your oral health.

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