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5 Surprising Habits that Could Damage Your Teeth

teeth cleaning DallasSome of the obvious things that can damage teeth include sugar laden food and beverages that can promote dental decay; smoking and tobacco use that can lead to gum disease and tooth loss; and neglect when it comes to daily teeth cleaning and regular visits with your dentist. But there are a number of other things that also could be damaging your oral health.

Five Surprising Things That Can Put Your Dental Health At Risk

  1. Nail Biting: This bad habit can result in chipped enamel, broken teeth, and cuts to soft oral tissue from jagged nails. Biting nails can lead to infection or illness. Nail biting is often symptomatic of stress and/or boredom. Things you can do to help break the habit include trimming nails very short, or put something that tastes unpleasant on nails that will help discourage placing fingers in your mouth.
  2. Brushing twice a day is very important, but using the wrong tools or brushing incorrectly can lead to erosion of protective dental enamel and wearing away of gum tissue. Patients should use a soft bristle toothbrush and moderate pressure. Never scrub teeth using a back and forth sawing motion. Include gum tissue and your tongue when brushing.
  3. Teeth grinding and jaw clenching often begin subconsciously during periods of sleep. Your dentist will be able to spot this problem during your check-up, and may recommend a mouthguard as a solution.
  4. Chewing ice can damage teeth. Dental enamel and our teeth themselves are very strong, but the effects of munching on ice can lead to broken teeth and diminished enamel (the protective coating that helps prevent dental decay).
  5. Using teeth to open packages is something you see people do all the time. This is why scissors were invented. Using your teeth as tools places undue stress that can lead to broken teeth.

Your Dentist Has Solutions 

If you deal with any of these habits, your dentist can provide the advice needed to help keep teeth healthy. Good dental health is important to maintaining good overall health, so do everything you can to break negative habits and begin new, positive ones.

Responsibility begins with you. Daily teeth cleaning and flossing coupled with regular dental visits at the office of Dr. Barry Buchanan are a great start to maintain your best oral health.