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5 Healthy Dental Habits to Follow

family dentistry DallasResearch continues to identify the things we can do to live happy and healthy lives. One of those things that will provide a great smile while contributing to overall good health is keeping teeth and gums in tip top shape. While visits to the family dentist every six months will help keep plaque under control, there are other things we can do that are critical to maintaining great dental health.

Brush – Brushing your teeth at least twice every day with a fluoridated toothpaste or gel will help remove food particles that contribute to plaque growth if not brushed away. Sadly many people brush without giving it much thought, but knowing the best way to brush is important. Brushing with even-controlled pressure using a soft bristle for two minutes each time will provide the optimum results.

Floss – While brushing the correct way is important, flossing is just as crucial. String floss, floss picks, a floss threader, waxed, plain, or flavored … there are many flossing products from which to choose. Using floss every day will remove food debris that your tooth brush did not reach from between teeth. Flossing helps to control plaque buildup (plaque is a leading cause of dental decay and gum disease).

Ditch the tobacco – No matter how it is used, tobacco is very hard on your teeth and gums. Smokers are much more likely to suffer from periodontal disease and tooth loss than those who do not use tobacco. Electronic cigarettes aren’t to be considered a safe alternative either. Cigars, cigarettes, and chewing tobacco are health hazards (not to mention the way they stain your teeth marring your appearance).

Limit or eliminate soda consumption – While many think diet soda is a viable replacement for sugary beverages, the acids contained in soft drinks can do a lot of damage. If you decide to enjoy a soda, drink through a straw to allow the beverage to bypass teeth. Rinse, if possible, when done.

Family dentistry
– Every six months all family members should visit their dentist for a thorough cleaning, polishing, and dental exam. Not only will teeth look their best, but potential dental problems might be seen and resolved before costly and time consuming treatment is needed.

Dedication to these habits will contribute to achieving great dental and overall health, so if you’re in need of a cleaning, contact us at the office of Barry H. Buchanan!