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4 Things You May Not Know About Dental Implants

dental implants DallasIf you have experienced tooth loss, you may have heard about dental implants. But many patients don’t realize just how important it is to replace missing teeth. It’s not just about your smile … there are many other important factors to consider.

Aesthetics And Bone Loss

  1. When a tooth is lost, the bone that held it in place will begin to atrophy. This can impact bone in neighboring teeth putting adjacent teeth at risk as well. Since having sufficient bone is necessary for a successful implant procedure, you may require a preliminary procedure to augment bone where the implant is to be placed.
  2. If bone loss is allowed to continue, gum tissue can shrivel leading to facial changes – muscle loss can lead to sagging skin making you appear older. Unlike other tooth replacements, a dental implant actually promotes bone growth in the area where tooth loss has occurred.
  3. The dental implant will become a permanent part of your dental anatomy. Bone will incorporate the titanium implant which means it will never have to be replaced.
  4. Dental implants have become very commonplace and have a soaring success rate. Things you can do to make sure you experience a successful procedure include following all instructions provided by your implant dentist. Keep the implant area clean, and do not use tobacco in any form.

Understand Your Treatment Plan

Your implant dentist will provide you with a treatment plan that will outline each step and phase in your dental implant procedure. If you have questions or concerns, get answers. If something worries you, ask about it.

The phases of treatment involve the consultation that will include a thorough dental exam; bone augmentation, if required; surgical placement of the implant; healing period; placing an abutment on the implant; and securing the cosmetic restoration to the abutment.

The final result will allow you to eat all your favorite foods without discomfort or fear of your dentition moving. Missing teeth can result in speech difficulties, so that problem will be eliminated. And you will smile with self-confidence because you no longer suffer from the embarrassment of tooth loss.

Caring for your implant is as easy as the care provided for all your teeth; brush and floss daily, and visit the office of Dr. Barry Buchanan every six months for cleaning and dental exam.